SampleNinjas PO-14 sample pack

SampleNinjas has launched the PO-14 Sample Pack, a collection of sounds from the PO-14 pocket operator synthesizer from Teenage Engineering.

SampleNinjas’ PO-14 Sample pack was recorded entirely with the PO-14 including all effects. These samples are royalty free.

The PO-14 has 15 synths, a mini drum kit and l6 punch in effects and we have recorded our favorites here for you to use in your productions.

All are individually labeled and recorded as 24bit 44.1Khz .wav files for use in just about every DAW. Download size is 290 mb compressed and 432 mb uncompressed.

PO-14 Sample Pack features

  • 1,072 synth one shots.
  • 144 drum hits.
  • 48 bonus sweeps.
  • 1,264 samples in total.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $10 USD.

More information: SampleNinjas / PO-14 Sample Pack