SampleOddity Epic Laundry

SampleOddity has released Epic Laundry, a sample library featuring laundry-based percussion sounds for Kontakt 2/3.

Deep in the heart of the darkest basement lies a hidden world of sound, undreamed of by mortal men! Only there, past cobwebs and junk that you haven’t seen since the 8th grade picnic, will you find Epic Laundry. Experience the percussive power of a washer, dryer, and other odds and ends that were laying around the area when I recorded them.

Epic Laundry features

  • 312MB of samples / 124MB .rar download.
  • 45 instruments
    • 17 acoustic laundry percussion
    • 10 LaunDrones
    • 8 tempo sync’d rhythmic beds
    • 6 granular synthesized chromatic instruments
    • 4 Bonus instruments
  • Between 8-16 Round Robin hits on all percussion.
  • Most instruments contain between 3-4 velocity levels.
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter/use as sound effects.

Epic Laundry for Kontakt is available for download for $29 USD.

Visit SampleOddity for more information and audio demos.