Samplephonics has released Immersive Melodies, a new Electronica sample library, featuring gorgeous melodic samples, live instruments and laid back synth grooves.

Samplephonics Immersive Melodies

Ambient, calming, tranquil and expansive only go a small way to describe the controlled beauty that is Immersive Melodies. This gorgeously-moreish Electronica sample library will become your instant go-to when you’re in need of sumptuous melody, calming sequences or thought-provoking instrumental phrases.

Inside this pack of stunning hidden treasures, you’ll find calming yet evolving atmospheric ambiences, beautifully performed Rhodes and piano licks, delicately complimentary synths and arps, warm sub basses and an underpinning of exquisitely crafted electronic drum loops. Each element has been expertly crafted to compliment the next sample ensuring you can get down to the best bit of showcasing your true emotions & inspirations.

The Immersive Melodies is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / Immersive Melodies