Samplephonics Dirty Modular

Samplephonics has introduced the Dirty Modular, a powerful hybrid modular virtual instrument powered by the Kontakt Free Player.

Under the hood of this beast lies 8,496 pristine audio samples, direct from a real analogue modular synth. These form the bases of 174 multisampled oscillator settings ready to be combined, routed and processed further through an interactive 3D interface.

Dirty Modular features

  • 8,496 samples from a real modular synth.
  • Comes with the Kontakt Free Player (you do NOT need to own a full copy of Kontakt to own this!).
  • Interactive GUI with powerful routing and modulation options.
  • 2 oscillators + 174 raw sounds available per oscillator with awesome random function!
  • 150+ presets plus more free presets sent to your inbox!
  • 3 LFO’s (routable to filter, amp or pitch).
  • 3 Envelopes (routable to filter, amp or pitch).
  • 2 analogue modelled Filters with switchable states (lp, bp, hp). Can be run individually or linked.
  • 2 FX modules with switchable chorus, phaser, analogue modelled saturation, screamer distortion, amp distortion, bitcrusher and flanger. Can be run individually or linked.
  • Huge stereo reverb and delay units.
  • Analogue style sequencer with multiple routing options.
  • In-app preset loading and saving meaning you don’t have to load samples every time.
  • Highly optimised DFD streaming and sample purging for super fast and smooth sample loading.
  • The only plugin available of its kind!

The library is available to pre-order now for £99 GBP (RRP £119 GBP).

More information: Samplephonics