Samplephonics has announced the release of Alien Beatscapes, an otherworldly collection of Trap & Hip Hop music samples and live instrument sounds.

Samplephonics Alien Beatscapes

Explore the tripped out depths of outer sonic space with this otherworldly collection of contorted beat music samples and loops. Containing a galaxy of grooves inspired as much by Trap and Hip Hop as by African and Brazilian music, this collection contains all the material you need to fill a dance floor whilst keeping you sonically on your toes.

Inside this outstanding collection you will find bags of inventive synthesis, manipulated live instruments, chopped and contorted vocal samples, lush harmonies, twisted rhythms, and, of course, thunderous beats. An insanely original sample pack that will never leave you short for ideas.

Dreamscape Cinema is a distinctive film score sample library inspired by vintage Italian cinema.

Samplephonics Dreamscape Cinema

Dreamscape Cinema is an outstanding collection of Italian style soundtrack samples that sound like they have been lifted straight from the 60s! Written and produced by insanely talented Dream Pop artist Matilde Davoli at Sudestudio in Lecce, Italy, this expertly recorded set of instrument loops and samples will effortlessly inject groove, funk and style into your compositions.

This superb collection of live recording sessions features glossy Electro synths, shuffling drums, funky bass lines, washed out guitars and bold horn sections! The perfect addition to your music, regardless of whether you create music for media, are a soundtrack composer, pop producer of electronic musician.

This classy film score sample library also includes sampler instruments and one shots, covering all of your usual samplers and DAWS.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

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