Samplephonics Deep Chords Toolkit

Samplephonics has released Deep Chords Toolkit, a collection of sampled chords from over 15 vintage synths and keys.

Deep chords toolkit combines 622 pristine 24 Bit Wav samples and over 120 sampler patches, ready to download and use in all major DAW’s of sampled chords from a vast collection of vintage synths and keys. Expect warm, analogue, lush textures, with multiple chord variations and key mapped looping samples.

Modern Deep House, Garage, Drum and Bass and Hip Hop have really embraced the ‘deep’ sound recently, using sampled chords and stabs to recreate the authentic sound of early US House and Hip Hop. This sample pack gives a huge variety of full fat samples that are perfect for this type of music, and includes a vast selection of sounds from our resident analogue gear-head Toby Baker’s synth and keys collection.

The sample library costs £29.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / Deep Chords Toolkit