Samplephonics has released Elevated Consciousness, a sample pack featuring 255 loops and 248 one shot samples for emotive electronica music.

Samplephonics Elevated Consciousness

If you are looking for beautifully melodic and deeply emotive electronica samples, then you are in the right place. Inspired by the unmistakable sound of Boards of Canada, Elevated Consciousness is overflowing with inspirational sounds that have been meticulously sculpted to bring another layer of emotion and depth to your music.

This ambient electronica sample pack features a plethora of live instruments and multisampled hardware sounds, including broken drum loops, rich harmonic sub basses, slow analogue synth progressions, sweeping moog filters, processed rusty guitar lines, and haunting pad sounds. With over 245 one shots, 255 loops and 5 extended 1 minute interludes which showcase pack’s the sound design and organic musical progressions, the pack is perfect for resampling, chopping, layering and reinterpretation.

Orbital Frequency features a collection of deep sonic explorations and shuffling hyperdriven beats.

Samplephonics Orbital Frequency

Orbital Frequency is an interplanetary collision of musical styles that fuses melodic Future Garage, half step DnB and deep melodic Dubstep and places a masterful set of production tools right at your fingertips.

Expertly produced by Samplephonics resident bass merchants Matta, this pack features a genre bending selection of loops and samples, covering deep pulsating basslines, frantic 2-step drum loops, syncopated hi hat patterns, expansive atmospheres, evolving lead lines, mesmerizing arpeggios and reverb soaked keys patterns, to name but a few!

Tampered Guitars is a new sample pack by guitarist Carey Clayton.

Samplephonics Tampered Guitars

This experimental sample pack takes the humble guitar in bold new directions, pushing the boundaries of what the instrument is capable of and providing you with a diverse and versatile palette of sounds. A powerful combination of innovative processing and exquisite musicianship that will add an extra dimension of sound sculpting possibilities to your next creation.

Written and recorded by talented session guitarist Carey Clayton, this incredible collection of guitar loops and one shot samples includes delicate finger picking melodies, distorted washes, experimental effects, processed pad style sounds, rhythmic patterns, reverse phrases and tempo free soundscape loops that are perfect for adding textures and atmosphere to your productions. A truly unique offering that will provide you with endless creative possibilities.

Lastly, Experimental Hip Hop is a space age blend of Hip Hop, organic Electronica and future beats.

Samplephonics Experimental Hip Hop

This envelope pushing sample collection is fully loaded with over 1.15GB of inspirational, creativity sparking Hip Hop music loops and one shots that are waiting to get to work on your next track.

Inside this stunning, avant-garde Hip Hop sample pack you will find frantic polyphonic arpeggios, loose MPC drum loops, thick analogue synth lines, bubbling effects loops, fat synth basses, super clean subs and masses of unorthodox found sound sample gold dust. A crate diggers paradise!

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

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