Samplephonics has announced the release of 4 new sample libraries.

Endless Dusk is a melodic EDM sample pack, featuring a delicate blend of laid back synth loops and samples, precision drums, uplifting hooks and more.

Samplephonics Endless Dusk

Step into the swarming, blissed out world of Endless Dusk! A perfectly balanced collection of solid beats, ethereal pads and a huge amount of melodic ideas to inject into your summer ready tracks!

Throughout this melodic EDM sample pack you’ll find a delicate mixture of rich ambient washes, textured Hip Hop and House drums, dancing percussion lines, evolving arps and synth chords, uplifting hooks and beautiful live keys. A truly diverse sound set that will slot perfectly into your next Pop, House, Garage or EDM production.

Vive Le Funk is a French House sample pack containg exquisite Funk and Nu-Disco Loops, expertly combined with the classic sound of French House samples.

Samplephonics Vive Le Funk

There is no way you’ll be able to keep still as you browse your way through this masterclass in Nu-Disco & French House. Expertly put together with an insane degree of musicianship and sound design technique on display, this pack contains everything you need to propel your tunes into dirty, funky hyperspace.

Expect to find yourself mesmerised by slap bass, funk guitar, soulful keys, talkbox synths, thunderous low end, complex chops, insanely groovy drums, and tons of percussion seated firmly in the funky, funky pocket. A true gem, this French House sample pack will lift your music to another level.

Infinite Reflection is a royalty free sample library featuring Synthpop loops and samples inspired by the sounds of M83.

Samplephonics Infinite Reflection

Infinite Reflection is a captivating and outrageously inspiring collection of Electronica and Synthpop loops and samples. With a certain nod to the life changing synth aficionado’s that is the super group M83, but taken in a huge array of different sonic directions, this divine sample library guarantees to soar above the competition and provide you with the most epic of sound pallets available today. Imagine a landscape of delicious synths, evolving soundscapes and hands in the air ready lead lines.

Harnessing the power of numerous analogue beasts, live drum kits, cinema shaking drum machines, crunchy electric guitars and more arps than you could throw a stick at, this library really is packed to brim with stunning material. Whether you’re searching for a rich, harmonic synthy chord progression or digging for some cavernous live drums, we’ve got you covered in all aspects. This pack is perfect for all producers, irrelevant of genre or style.

Alexkid: Raw Drum Machines is a comprehensive House & Techno drum sample pack from veteran French producer, Alexkid.

Samplephonics Alexkid Raw Drum Machines

Put together using a multitude of analogue and modular drum machines; you’ll have access to samples from some of the world’s most popular beat-making hardware. Packed full of skillfully crafted drum rhythms, glitchy top-loops and mega sub-kick patterns, this pack really is a comprehensive toolkit to kick off your House and Techno tracks.

Inside you’ll find a range of infectious rhythms created from the likes of Jomox, Arturia, Cwejman, Alesis and Volca Beats. What’s more, you’ll find a wealth of one shots allowing you to expertly craft your own patterns, using some of Alexkid’s signature House drum sounds.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

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