Samplephonics Geoff Butterworth Soulful House Vocals

Samplephonics has launched Soulful House Vocals, a collection of classic male house vocal loops and samples by Geoff Butterworth, featuring over 1.3 GB of crystal clear acapellas, phrases and full songs, complete with harmonies and ad-libs.

Utmost care and attention has been paid during recording and editing to ensure smooth, silky samples that fit right into your mix. Beautifully sung by veteran songwriter and vocal talent Geoff Butterworth and expertly recorded through the classic Neumann U87 mic and a Neve 1073 Pre-amp, the samples sing for themselves!

The sample pack includes 9 full construction kits and features a massive array of hooks, harmonies, lead lines, ad libs and inspirational lead vocal parts that can be layered, chopped, looped, effected or remixed to your taste. Supplied dry with a touch of light analogue compression for utmost flexibility and sonic loveliness.

Soulful House Vocals is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.

Samplephonics has also released The Wizard of Mbira, a free virtual instrument and loops pack.

Samplephonics Kalimba

The Mbira (also known as a thumb piano or Kalimba) is an African instrument with metal tines that are plucked by hand. It has a sweet, pure tone and interesting soft percussive attack.

Inside the free download you will find a multi sampled playable instrument (pre loaded into all major sampler formats) plus a rather pretty collection of loops from the wizard himself.

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