Samplephonics has released Homegrown Cuts, a collection of hip hop samples.

Samplephonics Homegrown Cuts

Do you want to create the classic sound of Hip Hop? Take it back to the old school with this essential collection of jazzy instrument licks and boom bap drum loops that capture the true essence of the golden age of Hip Hop.

Inspired by the pioneers of Hip Hop production such as DJ Permier, Dilla, Rza and Pete Rock, the pack includes funky upright and frettless bass guitar lines, jazz guitar hooks, smoky Rhodes and clav chords, deep synth basslines, orchestral string sounds, horn chops, stuttering MPC drum loops and fat Hip Hop breakbeats, that have been masterfully produced to emulate that authentic, crackly, sampled from vinyl sound.

Cinematic Ambience features a collection ambient electronica loops and samples that lets you add intensity, atmosphere, musicality and emotion to your productions.

Samplephonics Cinematic Ambience

Inside this deep cinematic sample pack you will find tight drum loops, found sound percussion oddities, spacious piano melodies, sweeping effects sounds, multi-layered ambient drones, atmospheric guitars, noisy synths, dulcimers, vibraphones and a whole host of other processed instrument loops and samples.

The broad sound palette, exquisite production and sheer diversity on offer in this sample library make it a perfect production tool for a range of styles and genres, and this collection will be at home in music for media, soundtracks, ambient Electronica, Chillstep or Garage productions.

Celestial Movement is a kaleidoscopic melting pot of lush downbeat Electronica, Future Soul and ethnic infused Trip Hop.

Samplephonics Celestial Movement

A rich tapestry of live instrumentation, melodic hooks and scintillating vocal samples that is waiting for you to add your own creative touch to.

Created by insanely talented live Electronica outfit Meraki, this gorgeous collection of ambient electronica loops and samples includes live bass guitars, grainy drum machine loops, chunky acoustic drum sounds, deep Rhodes grooves, haunting pianos, futuristic synth lines, bendy violin melodies and beautiful distinctive female vocals, all of which have been manipulated beyond their traditional form using creative processing techniques.

Altered State features psychedelic organic Hip Hop and Electronica sounds.

Samplephonics Altered State

Open your minds eye and add a tripped out perspective to your beats with this stunning collection of psychedelic organic Hip Hop and Electronica sounds. This deep emotive sample pack contains a huge collection of inspirational melodies, drum loops and one shots, just waiting to get to work on your next production.

A truly sensory experience, this sample library is packed with glistening bells and chime sounds, wonky Hip Hop drum loops, dreamy harp melodies, crunchy found sound percussion samples, sumptuous pads, weighty analogue bass sounds and ethereal synths.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

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