Samplephonics has launched Humphrey: RnB Vocals, a sample pack with 10 vocal construction kits featuring 70 parts and 245 ad libs.

Samplephonics Humphrey RnB Vocals

Talk about smooth! If you are looking for super silky RnB vocals then this is the pack is where it’s at! Fully stocked with 10 extra smooth RnB construction kits featuring full harmony parts, addlibs, solos and extras that will add soul and depth to anything from Pop and RnB to future beats, Deep House and Garage.

This exquisite vocal sample pack was recorded for Samplehonics by super talented vocalist and internet sensation Humphrey, who’s intertwining and mesmerising 6 part RnB harmonies regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of plays on Youtube.

Organic Hip Hop is a new sample pack featuring 189 loops and 205 one shots by Jonathan Batchelor.

Samplephonics Organic Hip Hop

This is for the Hip Hop connoisseurs out there. Laced with gorgeous melodies, soft synths and beautifully played live instruments, Organic Hip Hop is a lovingly crafted selection of samples that is overflowing with character, emotion and smooth, laid back vibes, designed to be twisted and moulded into your own vibe.

This outstanding collection of loops and samples will bring a rare and classy set of sounds to your production workflow and have been painstakingly designed to work across a range of genres and will fit perfectly into your music, whether you make Hip Hop, Electronica, Liquid DnB, Ambient or IDM.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

More information: Samplephonics