Samplephonics has announced the release of Mischieficated Melodicles, a sample pack featuring 259 loops and 155 one shots.

Samplephonics Mischieficated Melodicles

Forget what you know. The future is jelly fish. The past is a figment of your imagination. Mischieficated Melodicles is a devilishly deviant collection of experimental production tools extrapolated from a reactant concoction of sound ideas and fragments of oddness.

Designed to inspire and intrigue, these wonderful sonic ideas will form the building blocks of your next beautifully strange masterpiece. Toy instruments, augmented instruments and everyday objects from beer bottles and bricks to rusty knives and bags of crisps have been carefully recorded, dissected and manipulated to create magical new melodic and percussive elements.

Samplephonics has also released Technomasochism, a sample pack featuring 273 loops and 222 one shot samples.

Samplephonics Technomasochism

If you are looking for a collection of production loops and samples that will bring dirt, tough textures and pounding cyclical rhythm tools to your music – look no further. Technomasochism is a sordid exploration of underground Techno sub culture and industrial noise. An unsettling yet fascinatingly morish sample library that goes to places others dare not tread.

This dark Techno sample pack includes over 270 loops, ranging from deep pulsating basslines and aggressive drum loops, to morphing synths, raw percussive patterns, sinister atmospheres and evolving pads. Also included is an extensive collection of one shot drums, FX and percussion sounds with corresponding sampler instruments for you to get creative with.

The packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

More information: Samplephonics