Samplephonics has added another four sample libraries to its online catalogue.

Moody Strings features a collection of live string ensemble kits.

Samplephonics Moody Strings

A deeply moving and dramatic collection of live String ensemble kits that will bring a deep layer of expression and emotion to your composition. Packed full of inspiring live Violins, Viola, and Cello loops in construction kit format, this epic strings sample library is as rare as it is inspiring.

Inside this exceptional string quartet sample pack you will find no less than 60 entire 16 bar construction kits, each featuring beautifully played and expertly recorded violins, violas and cello parts as well as a ready mixed option. Sounds range from emotive sweeping sections to romantic melodies, dramatic pizzicato loops to haunting cellos and intense atmospheric violin lines.

Twisted Drum Machines is a sample pack comprising 151 loops and 100 one shot samples of drum machines.

Samplephonics Twisted Drum Machines

Looking to spice up your drum collection? Twisted Drum Machines is a drum loops and samples pack like no other. Iconic drum machine sounds are pushed to their limit to using heavy sonic manipulation, extreme processing and the finest outboard gear, resulting in a monster production weapon that will add new levels of grit, depth and nastiness to your rhythm tracks.

Inside you will find crunchy 808 rhythms, raw 909 loops, contorted Tempest drum samples, distorted percussion patterns, grainy rhythm beds, and some of the dirtiest drum loops you are ever likely to hear! These little nasties have been designed with flexibility in mind, so whether you make Techno, House, Breaks, Electronica, DnB or Dubstep they will be an invaluable asset to your production arsenal.

Vivid Textures is a dreamy library of laid back electronica loops and mesmerizing synth samples.

Samplephonics Vivid Textures

Vivid Textures is a complex musical experiment that fuses the finest in Textural Garage, Deep Dubstep and Experimental Electronica together resulting in a stunning set of extraordinary loops and samples for your next composition. Juicy, synth heavy and rolling, just how we like it!

Float away on the pack’s soft saturated arps, ethereal pads and incandescent synth lines, before coming back down to earth with the deep shuddering 808’s, punchy manipulated drum machine loops and shuffling top loops. Except to find numerous hidden surprises and little gems of inspiration, expertly designed for you to twist into your own creations.

The Code: Data 101 is a Future RnB sample pack featuring 35 construction kits and 190 one shot samples, for a total of over 1GB of samples.

Samplephonics The Code Data 101

If you make cutting edge RnB or contemporary electronic music then you need these samples in your life! Immaculately produced for Samplephonics by eclectic UK production duo The Code, Data 101 is an insight into a part of their productions. A piece of the puzzle!

Featuring 35 sublime, 8 bar construction kits and a substantial package of one shots, this really is a sample goldmine. The pack’s infectious pop grooves and pitched processed vocals soar above the futuristic blend of drum machine loops, voluptuous basslines, warm analogue synths and multi-layered ethereal pads that this insanely talented production outfit are known for.

The sample packs are available for £34.70 GBP each.

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