Samplephonics Optical Techno

Samplephonics has launched Optical Techno, a sample pack featuring 307 loops and 329 one shot samples.

If you make Techno, Electronica, House or Film Score, this sample library of epic proportions is packed with a stunning collection of sounds, loops, samples and sampler presets just waiting for you to add your touch. A truly inspiring and unique sample library for the production connoisseur.

Inside you will be delighted by an expertly produced set of full fat analogue synths, Space Echo effects, found sound recordings, dusty chord stabs, analogue grain, manipulated percussion and ambient dub sounds. Melody ideas intertwine with exciting processed sound experiments and intricate found sound rhythms to generate new possibilities for layering and manipulation.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.

Liquid Beats features 205 loops and 135 one shots.

Samplephonics Liquid Beats

If silky smooth Hip Hop grooves, Trap infused beats and Deep melodic RnB are your thing, this super tight sample collection will be an essential tool in your production suite. Jam packed with stunning melodic grooves, beat making material, instrument chops and multi format sampler instruments, there is enough material here to satisfy even the most hungry of producers!

Inside this epic sample pack you will find a blistering selection of loops and samples covering deep Rhodes and piano chords, processed keys melodies, sparse 808 drum loops, rapid Trap snare rolls, crisp acoustic R&B drums, bendy lead melodies, fat synth bass samples and a whole host of other inspirational sample material.

Liquid Beats costs £34.70 GBP.

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