Samplephonics has released two new sample libraries.

Subjex: Interstellar SFX features a collection of 402 sound effect samples by Subjex.

Subjex: Interstellar SFX

Huge spatial impacts, twisted electronic risers, android morph effects and sci-fi trailer designers make up this epic sound SFX sample library that is waiting to bring your tracks into warp-drive!

Created specifically to add movement, complexity, tension and excitement to your work, whether you are designing the next Hollywood Blockbuster trailer or producing the music hits of the future.

Inside you can expect to find a vast array of whooshes, transitions, dark atmospheres, deep sub rumbles, epic impact effects, machine and alien foley all preloaded in your favourite sampler instrument and ready to use out of the box, 100% royalty free.

The pack is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.

Tabla Sessions features a collection of tabla percussion loops and a large collection of multi velocity one shot samples.

Tabla Sessions

This unique Asian percussive instrument dates back thousands of years and is still hugely influential in today’s music. From the sound of Bollywood to the Asian underground and all manner of electronic music genres and contemporary film scores, this versatile percussion library is a must for your exotic sample needs.

Beautifully recorded using combination of Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics, Neve RN17 Pencil Mics and a Neumann U47, each loop comes with full mix, close mics and room mic variations for utmost flexibility.

The gorgeous world music loops pack includes a selection of articulations, from deep bassy strokes through to high-pitched bell-like tones. The variety of sounds, mix variations and broad range of tempos makes for a truly diverse percussion loops pack.

Tabla Sessions is available for purchase for £14 GBP.

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