Samples From Mars has announced its latest sample pack S612 From Mars, a collection of sampled acoustic instruments transformed into synthesizer sounds with the Akai S612, a 12-bit sampler from the mid 80s.

The pack also includes over 550 acoustic drum samples.

Samples From Mars Akai S612

We plugged all sorts of instruments directly into our API console – electric bass, standup bass, a broken Rhodes, vocals, guitar, and Clavinet – and jammed, tracking ideas to tape and digitally.

Once those jams were captured, we singled out individual notes, and ran them directly into the S612. By adjusting the sample rate and input clipping to taste, we breathed new life into those single note samples, applying a combination of manual splicing, looping, reversing, filtering and LFO, and finally pitching that into a 5 octave keyboard and sampling it.

This allowed us to create playable, keyboard instruments out of acoustic instruments – transformed by the 612’s filters, overdrive, and unique sample rate and 12 bit sound. The results are surprisingly hi fi and analog sounding.

S612 From Mars features

  • 35 Multi-Sampled 612 synth instruments built from Rhodes, Clavinet, Obscure Percussion, Vocals, Guitar & Bass, Analog Synths, Drones, obscure 70s records, and dogs barking.
  • Synths used: Octave Cat, Polysix, Juno60, DX100, Voyager and CS-5.
  • Includes Hi Fi leads, juicy analog bass, funky clav, oohs and ahhs, dusty tones, percussive lasers, and glitchy mayhem.
  • Tuning, filtering, LFO, looping and glitching on the S612.
  • Fine tuned to perfection.
  • 550+ S612 Acoustic drum samples including bass drum, snare, rim shot toms, hi hat, cymbals, claps, wood block, cowbell, cabasa and tambourine .
  • Drums built from a 60’s Slinglerland kit and various percussion, tracked through an API console into the S612.
  • Drums include regular and glitched, pitched, mangled and filtered, synthetic hits transformed by the 612.
  • 12 pre-made 16x Hit Kits for instant jamming.
  • 100% hardware processing on all samples.

S612 From Mars is available for $49 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars