Samples From Mars has announced a sample pack featuring the sounds of the Oberheim DX re-pitched on tape.

Like the Linndrum, the DX is a digital sample based machine processed through warm analog filters. The kick is warm and airy, the snare punchy, and the hi hats classic. When you have these samples you have the body of a really great, natural sounding, electronic drum kit.

So we took the DX and recorded it through an API preamp, tubes (REDDI), and 1/4″ mastering reel to reel. We multi-sampled every drum hit at many tunings, and once the results were on tape, we re-pitched the tape down and up an octave, and captured all those tunings as well. So, you end up getting many more analog pitch variations than the original machine offered!

Samples From Mars DX

DX From Mars features

  • 800x 24bit WAV Samples – Kick, Snare, Toms, Clap, Shaker, HH, & Crash.
  • Extensive Analog Pitch and Saturation Variations.
  • 28 WAV Loops @ 120 BPM created with an Elektron Octatrack.
  • Formatted for Ableton 9, Maschine (all versions) & Logic EXS.
  • WAVs Compatible with any DAW / Sampler.
  • 600 MB.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars / DX From Mars