Samples From Mars has launched Micro From Mars, a instrument library featuring the sounds of the 70’s Micromoog synthesizer.

For this sample library, Samples From Mars captured the synth at both its cleanest and dirtiest settings, recording long modulations, sweeping filters, and as many waveshapes as humanly possible.

With the help of a tape machine, various tube devices, API & Neve preamps, hardware saturation, EQ and modern moog filters, we took it out of the 70s and into new sonic territory.

Once digitized, it was further transformed into a stunning soft synth, capable of gorgeous pads, classic moog leads and basses, cosmic FX, italo arpeggiators, deep house chords and more.

Micro From Mars is available in Kontakt, Ableton, and Logic EXS/Reason NN-XT/SFZ/HALion/Structure formats, priced at $44 USD. An introductory $10 USD discount is offered until January 16th, 2016.

More information: Samples From Mars / Micro From Mars