Samples From Mars has announced Simmons SDS-800 Samples, a sample pack featuring the sounds of the Simmons SDS-800 analog drum synthesizer.

Samples From Mars Simmons SDS-800

The Simmons SDS-800 is an 100% analog drum synthesizer produced in the 80s, responsible for the classic, cosmic syn-tom (beeww beeww) sounds used on countless disco, boogie and reggae recordings. In the 90s, the Simmons became re-popularized in the techno world, this time with its raw resonant white noise oscillator being used for jarring hi hat and snare programming. And most recently, the Simmons drum sounds have become a signature for groups like LCD Soundsystem, featured on tracks such as Losing my Edge and Get Innocuous.

Simmons SDS-800 Samples features

  • 520 24 bit 44.1 kHz Simmons wav files recorded through a tasteful analog signal chain.
  • 150+ variations of analog syn-toms (compressed, uncompressed, white noise, decay length, filter).
  • 120+ chromatically tuned kicks and toms, labeled by note name. Perfect for melody and basslines.
  • Over 125 resonant, punchy white noise snares and hi-hats.
  • 195+ subby, soft and undoubtedly analog kick drums (variations include: pitch bend, white noise, decay length, filter amount.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $24 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars / Simmons SDS-800 Samples