SampleScience has announced the release of a collection of free sampled instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

SampleScience Dusty ePiano

The Dusted ePiano sample library for NI Kontakt.

SampleScience Kontakt libraries

  • Dusty ePiano is a sampled electric piano emulation produced to sound like it has been sampled from a dusty vinyl. This Kontakt instrument is made to be light weight and use minimum RAM and disc space. In an age of multi-gigabits sound libraries, this is a breath of fresh air! Just download the instrument, load it in Kontakt and play!
  • Nutron Pad is a synthetic pad made to sound very analog and rich. The sound has been EQed and a subtle touch of phaser was added to make this pad very thick and deep.
  • Mopho Bass is an original patche created with Dave Smith instruments Mopho analog synthesizer.
  • Deep Space is an tribute to the sound design skills of Tim Conrardy and to his first VSTi, the M42 Nebula. You’ll find that this Kontakt instrument has a lot of texture and details in it. I created this particular tone by using a granular chorus and a tape delay effect.
  • VocoLead is a lofi vocoded synthesizer sound. Useful for techno, ambient and space music. Based on a single sample 24 bits long sound.

The sample libraries are a free download at Requires full version of Kontakt.

More information: SampleScience