SampleScience has released version 1.2.1 of Thales Model I, a rompler instrument that features sounds of late 60s computers.

SampleScience Thales Model I v1.2.1

The plugin recreates the sound of early software synthesizers of the sixties. The update includes new sounds, a lowpass/highpass filter, improved GUI, and more.

You heard it right, all the way through the sixties Bell’s laboratories developed software synthesizers that were capable of producing an early form of sound synthesis: raw sawtooths, unstable organ like tones, almost clean sine waves and abstract soundscapes of white noise.

Changes in Thales Model I v1.2.1

  • 27 sounds from late 60s computer.
  • LP/HP filter.
  • Glide control for mono and legato modes.
  • Revamped GUI.
  • LFO waveform selector.
  • Audio output selector.
  • Velocity curve, sample qualiy selectors.

Thales Model I for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit VST/AU) costs $15.99 USD. You can save 25% off as part of a Halloweeen Sale through October 31st.