Sampleson has announced the release of a new virtual instrument based on real-time spectral transformation. ElectryNylon is a never-seen-before instrument that allows you to go from nylon guitar to an electric piano by just moving a slider.

ElectroNylon is based on Spectral Modeling (realistic modeling technique since spectral models are scanned from real instruments)

ElectroNylon is an electric piano and a nylon guitar, and everything in the middle. A unique instrument made out of the spectral models from a nylon guitar and two electric piano (reeds and tines based)

Real-time spectral transformation takes harmonics and formants and blends them mathematically. Allowing you to do this transformation in real-time with no CPU-usage increment.

ElectroNylon features

  • Spectral Modeled Nylon Electric Piano.
  • Real-time Spectral transformations -Based on real samples.
  • Just 35MB.
  • No velocity-switching.
  • Ambient FX
  • Chorus FX
  • Drive FX
  • Reverb FX.
  • Scalable HD interface.

ElectroNylon is available in VST and AU plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac. It is on sale for the intro price of $29 USD for a limited time (regular $49 USD).

More information: Sampleson