Sampleson has announced the release of its latest spectral modeled electric piano instrument. Klavee is based on the last living specimen of the reed-based Czech Klaviphon electric piano with a warm and unique tone.

Klavee is the virtual restoration of a gem. The Czech Klaviphon. A plucked electric piano manufactured in the 60s in the Czech Republic.

There’s no other Electric Piano like this one and it’s never been recreated into a virtual instrument, until now. A rare-piece specially made for electric piano collectors.

Klavee features

  • Spectral modeled Klaviphon electric piano.
  • Real-time spectral transformations.
  • Based on real samples.
  • No velocity-switching.
  • Ambient FX
  • Drive FX
  • Stereo Delay FX.
  • Scalable HD interface.
  • MacOS Catalina Ready.

Priced $49 USD, Klavee for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available from Sampleson and distributors Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds.