Sampleson has announced the release of Brushify Pro, the first brushed drum kit created to reproduce pro drummers techniques with your fingers.

The instrument is based on advanced scripting and built upon sampling and modeling techniques. A dedicated keyboard layout will allow you to recreate brushed drums playing techniques on any keyboard or MIDI/pad controller.

Most of us in our team are keyboardists and programmers. No drummers at all. We always wanted to see what playing drums like a pro feels like. This is why we did Brushify Pro. Our keyboard/pad minded layout will allow you to do things only a drummer were allowed to, until today.

Brushify Pro features

  • Brushed Drums Module.
  • 12 mic position sampling of Pearl Masters Custom Kit.
  • Sampling + Modeling technique.
  • HD Scalable interface.
  • Mixer with pan, width and sympathetic resonance knobs.
  • No extra purchases needed (like Kontakt, UVI, etc) or any other 3rd. party player.
  • Ready to be loaded into major DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Cakewalk, Reaper, BitWig, Nuendo, FLstudio, etc).
  • Win 32/64 bits and Mac VST/AU/Standalone versions included.
  • About ~65MB installed.
  • No online activation required.

Brushify is available for the intro price of $39 USD for a limited time (regular $59 USD).

More information: Sampleson