Sampleson has announced an update to its Markus 88, a virtual electric piano instrument that models the sounds of the Rhodes.

Version 1.5 features a redesign of the entire harmonic spectrum and behaviors. Tines timbre is more natural, low range is darker and overall velocity responses were improved.

We decoded and analyzed a vintage electric piano sinewaves spectrum (a Rhodes 88 Suitcase) for every note and every velocity, and recreated it manually. When you play a note on Markus, the exact same sound for the original instrument will be generated (no samples involved)

And we did it manually. Every single harmonic was tuned by ear. Like in acoustic piano tuning, the final touch is always made manually, and no tuning software or algorithm is able to replace that.

Changes in Markus 88 v1.5

  • New harmonic spectrum.
  • Improved response on low velocities.
  • Improved inharmonics on low frequencies.
  • Re-designed release noises.
  • Fixed channel’s gain fluctuations.
  • CPU efficiency fixes.

Markus 88 is available in VST and AU plugin formats, priced at $69.95 USD.

More information: Sampleson