Loopmasters has launched a sale on the House Hooks & Phrases sample pack by Samplestate, offering a 50% discount on the collection of short hooks and phrases that are ideal for all styles of house music.

Samplestate House Hooks and Phrases sale

The recently released pack comes with vocals from JBoy and Agata Zaluska, covering all the main articulations from sung, spoken, adlib, shouts, and also a number of highly processed vocal effects.

If you often find yourself with a killer instrumental track that just needs that one last element to finish it off, or find yourself thinking a vocal would be great but you don’t need full verses and a chorus then this could be the perfect pack for you. Shot snappy House Hooks and phrases, or shouts and adlibs to keep the floor moving.

Recorded at The Wiktorow studio, situated in a buffer zone of the Kampinos National Park near Poland’s capital. Two world class session musicians were captured perfectly with a Neumann U87 into a SSL AWS 948, then into Pro-tools gives an amazing quality signal patch from vocalist direct to you.

The sample pack is on sale for £14.97 GBP / $19.70 USD until September 8th, 2018.

More information: Samplestate