IK Multimedia SampleTank 2

The highly requested SampleTank 2.1 free update for SampleTank 2 L/XL software is finally available and can be downloaded now from the IK User Area for all Users who qualify.

SampleTank® 2.1 is the long awaited update to the powerful SampleTank 2 sample workstation. Featuring many new enhancements, SampleTank 2.1 has once again raised the standard for multi-channel sample based software instruments.

The new synth engine of SampleTank 2.1 has greatly expanded its control and capabilities, with improved features like:

  • Enhanced STRETCH™ engine with separate algorithms for multi-sampled and phrase sounds and additional timbral control features.
  • Improved Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch now includes grain control for better compatibility with a wider range of sounds.
  • Now available as a stand-alone application, for immediate playing, so you don’t have to launch a host application when all you want to do is play SampleTank.
  • Can create complex 16 part splits and layers with the new Range controls.
  • Syncable LFOs, 16 assignable stereo outputs and more are just some of the new features implemented in the new synth engine.
  • Expanded 6.5 GB sound library, in every instruments’ category, featuring all your SampleTank favorites, plus over 2 GB of new samples, creating a massive sound library.

IMPORTANT: due to the enhanced features implemented SampleTank 2.1 is NOT session-compatible with SampleTank 2.0. This means that you should NOT uninstall SampleTank 2.0 if you will need to work on previously made sessions using SampleTank 2.0.

The boxed version of SampleTank 2.1 with the new DVD sound set will be available in November. All SampleTank 2 XL users having registered the product after January 20th, 2005 will also qualify for a free sound update by filling an online form which will be made available as soon as the boxed version will be shipping.

Visit the Sampletank website for more information.