SampleTekk has announced a limited time sale, offering 60% discount on selected instruments.

SampleTekk sale

SampleTekk Sale

  • ARP Solina $12 USD (regular $30 USD)
    This is the classic ARP String Synthesizer of the late 70’s faithfully captured in all its analog warmth. Every note of every Factory Preset is sampled!
  • INIL Choir $19.60 USD (regluar $49 USD)
    Now, SampleTekk, in cooperation with Eric Stewart of 10CC, are very proud to release of The INIL Choir, thus taking one of the most famous analogue samples into the digital era.
  • ST Harpsichord $4.80 USD (regular $12 USD)
    This harpsichord was recorded in Studio Kuling using two Neuman KM84 microphones. The instrument was sampled in thirds, (C, D#, F# and A) in each octave.
  • ST Marimba $19.60 USD (regular $49 USD)
    This Marimba has all notes (A1-C6) sampled in stereo. No less then 8 velocities/note makes this Marimba one of the largest sampled marimbas on the market today.
  • STFM EP-1 Deep Sampled FM Electric Piano $19.60 USD (regular $49 USD)
    This deep sampled FM EP has all notes sampled in 22 velocity levels. This captures all the nuances of the complex sound structure of the instrument.
  • Tubed Keys MkI 73 $31.60 USD (regular $79 USD)
    The Mk I Seventy-Three has no less then 16 different velocity samples/note and this gives you the dynamic response that’s not found on any other sampled Rhodes. Add to this 16 matching release samples and you’ll have 32 samples/note!

The sale ends Friday, October 23rd, 2015.

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