SampleTekk has launched a sale on a collection of top rated sample libraries, offering a 60% discount for a limited time only.

SampleTekk 5 Star sale

SampleTekk Sale

  • 7CG – Super detailed multisampled Grand Piano No less then 93 unique samples per recorded note. Over 4400 samples! Incredible sound and response Super realistic playing behaviour One of the most refined sampled piano on the market today.
  • ARP Solina – This is the classic ARP String Synthesizer of the late 70’s faithfully captured in all its analog warmth. Every note of every Factory Preset is sampled! It is like buying the actual synth in perfect working order for an unbelievably low price.
  • ST Harpsichord – This harpsichord was recorded in Studio Kuling using two Neuman KM84 microphones. The instrument was sampled in thirds, (C, D#, F# and A) in each octave. All samples are full envelopes, no loops! Releasesamples was recorded separately to give the instrument the typical sound that a harpsichord produces when a key is released.
  • Tubed Keys – Rhodes MkI 73 – When recording a Rhodes piano, nearly all, (or all?), instruments that has been recorded for a sampled instrument are lined. That means that you take the signal from the instrument, and feed it directly to the recording device. This means that you will get a very clean, bright signal. And that is, in itself, a good thing!
  • White Grand – The best contemporary pop/rock/jazz grand piano in the sampled world today. We recorded The White Grand with the finest equipment available, using a specially designed digital recording technique to give you unequalled performance and sound. Prepare to explore a tactile and expressive feast, unparalleled in sampled pianos today.

The sale ends April 14th, 2017.

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