SampleTekk has announced the release of TBO MkII, an updated version of the Yamaha C7 grand piano for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Since the samplers has been become more advanced and the TBO still are one of our most popular pianos, we decided to bring it up to date and add some functions in the line of the original ideas. We also added hammerback and pedalnoise samples. Then we added our True Resonance feature and used Kontakts scripting facilities to make Real Time/True Pedaling, Sympathetic Resonance and some other nifty features, and, Voila: The TBO MkII.

TBO MkII features

  • 31 velocity levels.
  • More the 4500 samples.
  • TimeVel Release Technology™.
  • Sympathetic Resonance.
  • Controllable volume for key/pedal noise.
  • Controllable volume for Sympathetic Resonance and True Resonance.
  • 24 bit 44.1 stereo samples.

TBO MkII is available for purchase for the introductory price of $49.50 USD (regular $149 USD). The upgrade from TBO is $25 USD until August 24th, 2015. Requires Kontakt 4 full version.

More information: SampleTekk / TBO MkII