SampleTekk has announced new Special Deals, offering 60% off on selected sample libraries for a limited time.

SampleTekk Sale Nov 4

SampleTekk Special Deals

  • 7CG $39.60 USD (regular $99 USD)
    Super detailed multisampled Grand Piano No less then 93 unique samples per recorded note. Over 4400 samples! Incredible sound and response Super realistic playing behaviour One of the most refined sampled piano on the market today.
  • Blue Grand $19.60 USD (regular $49 USD)
    The Blue Grand is the perfect piano when you want something that’s a bit more mellow, old school and ambient sound. The great instrument used for the White Grand and White Sister, a large Malmsjo Grand, a 100 year old beauty, was here used to create their more soft spoken sister.
  • Cin-A Shaped Grand Piano $31.60 (regular $79 USD)
    The CIN-A is an acoustic piano, in case it’s two, but made into one. The power and exactness from a large German Grand Piano, blended with the warmth and intimacy of an upright piano.
  • Cin-D Analog/Digital Electric Hybrid Piano $19.60 USD (regular $49 USD)
    ‘Cindy’ is a totally unique instrument that combines the warmth and analog feel of a vintage Fender Rhodes preciseness and clarity of a FM Digital Electric Piano.The result is a simply stunning instrument that hopefully will inspire you to visit new musical territories.
  • Pump Organ $ 6 USD (regular $15 USD)
    The Pump Organ. A small organ where air is pumped using your feet. Common in small chapels and schools 40-50 years ago. A small, simple organ with tons of charm!
  • Renaissance Flutes $47.60 USD ($119 USD)
    A complete set of recorders, Bass, Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Sopranino, beautifully played by one of Sweden’s top flutists and recorded at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden.

The sale ends November 4th, 2015.

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