Sampletraxx has announced the release of Opium, a new cinematic sound library featuring a collection of tormented sonic textures.


The sounds of Opium have been produced by processing field recordings and raw audio pieces.

Tormented hypnotic backgrounds, abstract noises, sonic mutations and cinematic evolutions, textural tones for visuals, trailers and film soundtrack, media sound design and ambient music that can be used individually or combined together to create infinite variations of sonic moods.

The core concept of OPIUM is to create a collection of narrowband textures that sit between the 2nd and the 3rd octave, not completely filling the audio spectrum and leaving plenty of room for bass, melodic parts and other sound design elements.

The sound library includes 140 WAV sounds (48kHz/24-bit). It is on sale for the intro price of 39 EUR for a limited time (regular 49 EUR).

More information: Sampletraxx