Sampletraxx has announced the release of Darko, an essential sound collection dedicated to modern tension and horror sound design and totally inspired by the work of composers such as Charlies Clouser, Joseph Bishara and Brian Reitzell.

DARKO means emotional and disturbed states that unsettle the audience, discomfort or dread revealing a darker sonic narrative and mental disorder. Find industrial horror hits, designed horror stingers and impact, micro metals hit and signature percussive elemensts, flash reversed rips, leslie’d ambience and textures, signature blast, sonic objects and details, fragments of sonic beds, tones and thrills, psycological drones and more.

Priced 39 USD/EUR, the pack includes a total of 220 samples in Wav format (48kHz/24-bit). Other Sampletraxx sample packs are currently 40% off with coupon code TRAXX21 at the checkout.

More information: Sampletraxx