SampleTraxx Voices of the Ages

SampleTraxx has announced the release of Voices of the Ages, a new sample library by Alessandro Romeo, devoted to different genres of vocals for soundtrack/trailers composers and electronic music producers.

Gregorian Chants Solo and Choirs, Male and Female Opera, Latin Words and Custom Melodies, Liturgical Choirs, Modern Shout and Vocalizations, Suspended Choral Pads – Vocal Textures, Crescendo and Voice Effects

Voices of the Ages includes a set of classic religious Latin words (Agnus Dei, Allelujah, Amen, Kyrie, Benedictus etc.) and moving vowels (oh-eh-ah and ah-eh-ee-oo) with different variations and operatic vocals improvisation.

The performances has been recorded in studio and a large theatre, the Library comes in natural and designed version.

A sublime collection of royalty free vocals and an invaluable tool for soundtrack and trailer composers, djs and electronic music producers.

The library is available for purchase for $35 USD.

More information: SampleTraxx / Voices of the Ages