Sanford Sound Design has released an update to Cobalt, a free synthesizer instrument that is inspired by many of the hybrid synths of the 80s.

Sanford Sound Design Cobalt 2.0

This new version of Cobalt is skinnable. The default skin resources are in the Cobalt Resources folder, which should have been included with this download.

There are two default skins. One is for a large UI, named CobaltLarge.ini, and the other is for a small UI, named CobaltSmall.ini. By default, Cobalt uses the large version. You can change this by modifying Cobalt.ini.

Changes in Cobalt v2.0

  • The ability to create your own custom skins.
  • The graphics code has been re-written to be more efficient.

Cobalt is available for download for 32- and 64-bit Windows (VST).

More information: Sanford Sound Design