Audio Plugin Deals has launched an introductory sale on the Acoustic Revolutions 3 acoustic guitar rhythm instrument by Impact Soundworks.

ACOUSTIC REVOLUTIONS 3 is the definitive entry into Impact Soundwork’s series of rhythmic acoustic guitar loops. Where the first volume had a small set of stylized loops, and the second volume expanded that into a broader set of “bread and butter” rhythms, this third entry features over 10x more content than the previous two libraries COMBINED.

The Impact Soundworks team exhaustively sampled 48 unique strummed rhythms in two tempos, six keys, twelve chord types, and multiple variations per rhythm. As a result, you can use the performances in virtually any composition with minimal stretching or shifting needed!

Acoustic Revolutions 3 features

  • Over 14,500 24-bit samples.
  • 48 unique rhythm patterns.
  • 2 RR variations, 2 tempos, 6 keys per rhythm.
  • Chord types: Maj, min, M6, m6, 5th+oct, dim, Sus2, sus4, aug, 7, m7, M7.
  • Fret noises, falls, stops, chokes + strum endings.
  • Also provided as WAV.
  • Intelligent chord detection.
  • Syncs to host tempo and playback.
  • Three fret/chord trigger modes.
  • A/B variations and double-tracking built in.
  • Seamlessly transition between chords + phrases.
  • Analog and digitally modeled FX rack.

Acoustic Revolutions 3 for Kontakt (full version) is on sale for $79.98 USD until November 5th, 2018 (regular $99 USD). Rewards holders can use rewards to bring the price down to only $39 USD.

More information: Acoustic Revolutions 3