Time+Space is offering a 25% discount on the Aeris hybrid choir designer by Vir2 Instruments.

Vir2 Aeris

Aeris combines the usefulness and practicality of beautifully recorded male & female choirs and solo singers with the powerful sound design capabilities of the Kontakt engine. Vir2 multi-sampled all singers performing vowels Ah’s, Oh’s, Oo’s, and Hums. Composers will easily be able to create lush vocal performances for their projects with different articulations including non-vibrato, vibrato, and true legato.

In order to give users a fresh take on vocal performances, Vir2 collaborated with industry-leading professional sound designers to create a diverse collection of vocal pads using Aeris’ choir and solo singer sample content.

Aeris features

  • Hybrid Choir Designer powered by Kontakt.
  • Multisampled Male & Female Choirs and Solo Singers.
  • 6 vocal groups including bass, tenor, male choir, female choir, alto, and soprano.
  • 4 different vowel performances including Ah’s, Oh’s, Oo’s, and Hums.
  • Recorded with True Legato for the most realistic performances possible.
  • 146 custom pads created exclusively using the Performance samples.
  • 4 separate and customizable LFO slots and two Step Sequencer slots for endless modulation.
  • Full Komplete Control & Maschine integration.
  • Manipulate your own samples with the User patch.
  • Over 10GB of uncompressed content.

Aeris is on sale for $224.96 USD until October 4th, 2018 (regular $299.95 USD).

More information: Vir2 Aeris