Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive 25% discount on the AutoTheory 4 music composition tool by Mozaic Beats that offers industry standard MIDI effects in a synchronized environment.

AutoTheory 4 takes industry standard midi effects and synchronizes them into the most expansive and easy to use composition software available. Our patented improvements upon traditional Scale, Arp, Chord and Sequencing effects provide users with unlimited possibilities for Chord Progressions, Melodies, Basslines and Arpeggios.

Unlike your DAW and Plugins, AutoTheory’s midi effects are synchronized via internal Sequencer, meaning that all functions automatically work off of the same Key/Scale/Chord progression. DAW integration is also streamlined with Midi sync and a simple drag n drop export process. The combined creative potential of AutoTheory’s features is something that you won’t find in any other software.

AutoTheory 4 features

  • Chord Generator: One Finger Chords from Multiple Groups with Strum, Repeat and Velocity Effects.
  • Smart Scale: Keep your hand in the same position while the scale transposes to each Chord Selection.
  • Multi Arp: Improvise through multiple one finger arpeggios of the current chord.
  • Chord Editor: Customize tones within each chord for unique voicings, inversions and extended chords.
  • Device Outputs: Control multiple instruments simultaneously from a single keyboard or qwerty.
  • Sequencer: Record multiple tracks & scenes before altering key and other parameters post-recording.

AutoTheory 4 for Windows and Mac is on sale for $44.99 USD until June 17th, 2019.

More information: Mozaic Beats