Plugin Boutique is offering a 30% discount on Instant Orchestra by Garritan, a revolutionary ARIA Player powered sound library that reinvents the way orchestral music is created by simplifying and streamlining the process.

Garritan Instant Orchestra sale

It is designed to create full cinematic orchestrations from just a few lines of music. With pre-packaged combinations and mash-ups, mood-based presets, and orchestral effects, you can evoke any emotion–instantly. It provides an empowering experience where almost any musician can sound like an A-list Hollywood composer, by simply creating just a few staves of music.

Garritan Instant Orchestra is a must-have library that offers an easy way to make super-quick orchestrations in minutes from start to finish. Achieve the larger-than-life orchestral sounds associated with film, games, TV scoring and music productions! The Instant Orchestra sound library integrates the uniquely powerful and high-performance ARIA Player.

Instant Orchestra is on sale for just £108 GBP / 118 EUR until October 1st.

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