Save 30% off Sample Magic’s Boost Pro, Magic AB 2 reference plugin & more


Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Sample Magic, offering a 30% discount on Ableton Live Racks and popular plugins such as Magic AB 2 and Boost Pro.

SampleMagicSale30 PluginBoutique

The sale also includes the Sample Magic Plugin Bundle comprising Boost, Klip and Magic AB 2.

Boost is a simple, powerful mix finalising utility designed to get your music sounding as full and polished as possible using a minimal amount of processing.

Klip is a powerful instrument and drum machine that pushes the threshold of electronic music production, utilising an expansive parameter editing matrix and comprehensive mixer functionality.

Magic AB v2 sits on your mix bus (or individual channels), allowing instant switching between your current project and the reference material in pristine, transparent quality, regardless of the processes already on the mix bus. If required, plugins can be added post Magic AB to provide a sounding-point for programme material with or without additional processing.

The offer expires January 26th, 2019.

More information: Sample Magic

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