ADSR Sounds has announced a sale on Cycles & Spots Software, offering a 30% discount on its Kontakt and Reaktor packs until Monday May 28th.

The following products are all discounted:

  • Reaktor Cycles: NI Reaktor Instrument for musical genres ranging from Ambient to Deep Tech. This one creates rhythmical arpeggio-like sequences based on hundreds of one shot samples. Price: $21 USD (regular $29.99 USD).
  • Deep Tech Vocal Engine: 4 banks of vocal phrases which you can put together as you please. Moreover, the vocals can be manipulated in sound by tuning, formant shifting and adjusting the speed, not to mention each vocals starting point can be set separately. Price: $15.39 USD (regular $21.99 USD).
  • MorphSound: Another great sample based instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor including 100 presets. This one is playable via keyboard or any other MIDI input and makes morphing / modulating Atmo, Chord, Bass, FX and Lead sounds. Price: $17 USD (regular $24.29 USD).
  • Deep Minimal Trax Maker: A great instrument ensemble for NI Reaktor to easily create Deep / Minimal trax by layering beat, bass, perc, theme and hihat loops. In other words, you can quickly create dozens of cool trax based on the superb samples and easy handling. Price: $17.84 USD (regular $25.49 USD).
  • Loop Remixer: One loop sampler (for rhythm) and one granular sampler (for harmony) are manipulating their loop samples to make them sound totally new, so the presets can be drastically changed or new ones can be built. Price: $15.39 USD (regular $21.99 USD).
  • Reaktor Groove Machine: A groove machine for Native Instruments Reaktor. It works similar to a drum machine and features basses and sounds on top. Price: $20.29 USD (regular $28.99 USD).

The offer expires May 28th, 2018.

More information: ADSR Sounds

Spots & Cycles Deep Tech Vocal Engine

Spots & Cycles Deep Tech Vocal Engine 2

Spots & Cycles MorphSound

Spots & Cycles Loop Remixer

Spots & Cycles Deep Minimal Trax Maker

Spots & Cycles Reaktor groove Machine