Solidtrax has announced that the Forgotten Circuits soundset for the AX73 software synthesizer is now available from its store.

Previously available from Martinic, the soundset contains 85 presets in 14 categories including electronic drums and effects, freaky stab sounds and evolving pads and mesmerizing ambient textures, fat basses and retro poly synth sounds.

Inspired by tracks in various genres like EDM, IDM, pop, synthwave and techno we created a new and fresh set of sounds for the excellent AX73.

This synthesizer is based on the somewhat forgotten circuits of the AKAI AX73 which was introduced in the mid-80s. At that time analog VCO-based synths got less and less interest from the masses because other synthesizers were hitting the market. DCO-based subtractive, FM, LA-synthesis and even PCM based synthesizers were introduced and getting more popular.

The soundset is priced 17 EUR. Use coupon code FCINTRO at the checkout to get a 30% discount until the end January 2023.

More information: Solidtrax