Audio Imperia has launched its Spring Rocks! Sale, offering a 30% discount on two cinematic guitar instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Audio Imperia Trailer Guitars

Trailer Guitars 1: Tensions & Motors is on sale for $48 USD (regular $75 USD).

“With it’s top-notch samples and well thought out patches, Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars had me swept up in the textures and the tones and inspired me to start writing right away. We have seen a real boom in the amount of “celebrity” libraries and I think having a tool like Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars allows you to “virtually” work with a top level composer and sound designer. This is so valuable for both inspiration and tight deadline productions.”

Trailer Guitars 2: Epic & Cinematic Guitars is on sale for $161 USD (regular $249 USD).

“Audio Imperia delivers another standout sonic masterpiece with Trailer Guitars 2! Combining all of the eight string tonal elements needed to deliver an A-rate performance in both trailers and cinematic scores, Trailer Guitars 2 has everything you need from clean tones to gritty distortion and sonic drones, loops, kits and curated content. Maximum playability with a complete effects section and sequencer combined with an amazing new interface.”

The offer is available through March 8th, 2019.

More information: Audio Imperia