UVI has announced it is offering a 40% discount on two Ircam instrument collections for a limited time.

The Ircam Prepared Piano virtual instrument for the free UVI Workstation and Falcon brings a detailed sampling of a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano at the IRCAM Labs.

ircam prepared piano

The ultimate virtual prepared piano experience, brought to you by UVI and the renowned IRCAM acoustic research center in Paris. We brought together the world’s finest engineers and equipment to comprehensively multi-sample 45 preparations at IRCAM Labs on a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, resulting in an extraordinarily unique, flexible and inspiring prepared piano instrument.

Freely customize your instrument with up to two preparations per note, mix multiple mic positions and quickly explore new sonic landscapes with the randomizer. Try the included preparations or make your own in minutes!

Ircam Solo Instruments features the sounds of orchestral instruments made at IRCAM Labs, with over 550 playing techniques including traditional, advanced and experimental styles.

ircam solo instruments

IRCAM Solo Instruments presents a vivid and detailed exposé of 16 orchestral instruments. Each instrument includes both standard playing styles and numerous advanced and experimental articulations, providing a sophisticated and creative sound resource for modern composers and producers looking for more natural, varied and unique instrumental sounds.

IRCAM Solo Instruments allows users to go beyond the basic playing styles presented in typical libraries, adding instrumental depth and detail that’s simply not available elsewhere.

The instrument libraries are on sale for 239 USD/EUR each through August 20th, 2018 (regular 399 USD/EUR each).

More information: UVI