Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time sale on the DRMeter MkII & DROffline MkII Bundle, offering a 45% discount on the loudness tools by MAAT.

DRMeter MkII is the first loudness meter designed for general use and specifically for music production. It’s the only loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends and events by augmenting the mandated mono measurement with classic L/R metering. DRMeter MkII is also the first plug–in to offer official DR dynamic range measurement!

With this product, MAAT premiers the Dynamic Deviation™ function, an intuitive presentation of current dynamic density compared to Target Loudness. DRM2 is also the first loudness meter to display both Relative and Absolute scales simultaneously.

MAAT’s DROffline MkII batch measurement app is the only software that automatically measures all mandated R128 parameters, along with official DRi and a host of key metrics that your DAW may not display. All this in the background and out of your way.

Offering essential options for musically justified, file–based metering, DROffline MkII offers 24 different measurements, including integrated DRi Dynamic Range and PSR, the emerging Sample Peak–to–Short Term Loudness Ratio. One file can be evaluated, or an entire directory can be measured in batch mode, all in the background while you continue to work.

The bundle is on sale for $118 USD (regular $178 USD).

An exclusive DRMeter + DROffline Bundle is on sale at a huge 76% discount, priced at only $12 USD during the promotion.

More information: MAAT