Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete, offering existing AIR users the chance to upgrade to the collection of virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools at a 50% discount.

The AIEP3 Complete pack includes The Riser, DB-33, Mini Grand, Creative FX Collection Plus, Xpand!2, Loom, Vacuum Pro, Hybrid 3, Velvet 2, Structure 2, Strike 2, Transfuser 2, and various expansion packs.

PIB AIEP3 50 Upgrade

The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack combines multiple synthesis technologies, premium instrument samples, high-definition drums, vintage electric pianos, and a comprehensive groove-creation platform to provides today’s musician, composer, and producer with the latest innovations of German-engineered software.

Hybrid 3.0 is an analog and wavetable synthesizer that combines the warmth of analog synthesis with futuristic digital controls; Loom is a modular additive synthesizer that lets you explore additive synthesis with 30 editable modules and a sound-shifting Morph Pad; Vacuum Pro is a polyphonic analog tube synthesizer that re-invents the gritty glory of the analog age; Structure delivers a world of sounds with multi-timbral layering and comprehensive sample editing; Strike is a drum and arranger instrument with a realistic performance engine; Velvet puts five sought-after electric pianos at your fingertips; and Transfuser 2 is a melodic and groove creation that offers powerful sound manipulation capabilities.

Altogether, the AIR instrument Expansion Pack includes 70+GB (uncompressed) samples, loops, effects, and 2000+ tweakable patches and presets programmed by legendary sound designers.

The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack Complete Upgrade (VST/AU/AAX) is 50% off until October 31st, 2016.

More information: Plugin Boutique / AIEP3 Complete Upgrade