In the latest round of Meldaproduction’s Eternal Madness Sale, you can now save 50% off on a vocoder, equalizer, waveshaper and phase analysis plugin.

MAutoAlign solves problems with phase cancellations when recording a single instrument using multiple microphones.

Meldaproduction MAutoAlign

Normally engineers have to search for ideal delays and potentially invert phases manually. But now all you need to do is to place MAutoAlign to all tracks you want to fix, start playback and press Analyze button in one of them.

The plugin will analyze all tracks and after a few seconds you are finished!

The MEqualizerLP mastering 8-band equalizer plugin is a surgical tool that offers a crystal clear sound with minimal distortion (measured below -160dB).

Meldaproduction MEqualizerLP

It doesn’t smear transients or create mud, nor does it alter the imaging and depth information of the original sound.

It is especially useful for enhancing or correcting difficult material like vocals, instrumental soloists and groups, orchestral recordings and complex mixes, without introducing any unwanted coloring.

MVocoder is a vocoder with ultimate audio quality and extreme range of features.

Meldaproduction MVocoder

It can do robotic voices, singing synthesizers, and morph between multiple audio materials.

MWaveShaperMB is a powerful multiband wave-shaping plugin that literally lets you draw your own signal graph.

Meldaproduction MWaveShaperMB

This makes it the perfect solution for creating various kinds of distortion and even complicated modulated effects that you haven’t even dreamed of…yet.

The plugins are on sale at a 50% discount at Plugin Boutique until December 17th, 2018.

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