Plugin Boutique is offering a 50% discount on MMultiBandDynamics, MMultiBandSaturator, MDynamicEq and MMultiBandDistortion, four effect plugins by Meldaproduction.

Meldaproduction MMultiBandSaturator

Eternal Madness Sale

  • MMultiBandDynamics advanced multiband dynamics processing module plugin is an advanced multiband dynamics processor with clear sound, designed originally for mastering. However due to its high performance and zero latency it is also suitable for any mixing purpose.
  • MMultiBandSaturator is a powerful multiband saturation/distortion processor. It can be smooth as glass, hard as rock, or creamy as butter. Its modulation system goes far beyond what you could have thought possible. All this with unbelievable audio quality that will blow you away.
  • MDynamicEq, the little brother of MAutoDynamicEq, is an unbelievably transparent and musical sounding equalizer with a gorgeous interface stuffed with amazing features. It pushes the technology forward by introducing dynamic processing!
  • MMultiBandDistortion is an extremely versatile distortion plugin designed mainly for guitars and synths. Thanks to its multiband core, it can be used on any track or even applied to the whole mix. Subtle or be over-the-top, it produces everything from mild clean amps to completely sick devastated disturbances.

The sale ends January 23rd, 2017.

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