Save 50% off Turner MK 2 instant loop machine for Kontakt


Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Turner MK 2, a sample slicer, beat machine and remix tool for Native Instruments Kontakt by SturmSounds-Electro.

Sturm Sounds Electro Turner MK2 sale

Turner enables you to ‘roll the dice’ with random sounds and noises. Beat shreds, melody fragments, or wild sound experiments will turn into new ideas – in no time!

Turner’s wide variety of Sequencer -Parameters, such as Pitch, Sample Start, Sample Slice, Filter, Panorama, Lofi, Noise, Saturation, Octave Shift, LFO Pitch, last but not least LFO Filter, will ease you into a much more fluent and intuitive workflow. Not to forget the fun you will have with five available Sequencers – each one can store up to 127 Samples. But Turner is not just a great generator for fresh ideas, because of its ability to process the included and custom Sample Slices (or even longer Samples) in a lot of different and exciting ways. It’s also a fully loaded Remix Machine!

Turner’s numerous possible combinations make it one of a kind – a highly inspiring multi talent.

Turner MK 2 for Kontakt is available from Plugin Boutique at a 50% discount until November 4th, 2019, priced at only $24.50 USD.

More information: SturmSounds-Electro

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