Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the BUTE Normaliser, offering a 50% discount on the Stereo and Surround versions of the audio plugin by Signum Audio for a limited time.

BUTE Normaliser delivers automated loudness normalization for making those final checks and giving you absolute peace of mind.

The BUTE Normaliser is a high-end standalone application for Windows and Mac, assisting post-production engineers with the final checks of the mastering journey. With our automated solution, you can rest assured your audio is on point before submission in just a few clicks.

Our advanced metering algorithm has been optimised to deliver superior sound quality and accurate results. The integrated true peak limiter provides absolute transparency and peace of mind that there are no overshoots getting through, whilst still normalising to target. Due to our approach, the relative dynamics of your audio will be affected as little as possible and you’ll be left with consistent, compliant masters of your audio files every single time. This makes it great as a final check for your mastering journey.

BUTE Normaliser Stereo is on sale for $59 USD, while BUTE Normaliser Surround is $89 USD during the promotion. The offer expires November 2nd, 2020.

More information: Signum Audio